The Great International Education & Schools' Fair

The Great International Schools Fair

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Past Great International Education & Schools Fair events - learn more and watch the webinar replays

Week 1 Events

Monday, 2 November – 2pm GMT

Introduction to Great Education & Schools’ Fair - watch the playback video

Jayne Constantinis, Fiona Murchie, Carl Morris,  Alessandra Gnudi, Marianne Curphey, Nicky Stone 

Thursday, 5 November 11.00 am UK time to 12.30 UK time

International schools’ innovation & response to the Covid pandemic - watch the playback video

Join us for this essential webinar, hosted by Jayne Constantinis, BBC World presenter, with Fiona Murchie, and Ashwin Assomull Partner, Global Education Practice, L.E.K. Consulting, and a panel including Jonathan Taylor, Principal, International School Zurich North, Cognita’s first School in Switzerland. Plus David Willows, Director of Advancement , The International School of Brussels.

They will discuss how International Schools have risen to the challenges of the Covid pandemic resulting in new innovations in technology, online learning and wellbeing. Discover how schools are delivering for parents and students with safety first, bringing leadership and innovation to the fore.

Friday, 6 November 3.00 pm

Raising Global Teens - watch the playback video

Dr Anisha Abraham, pediatrician, teen health expert and author, talks about her new book Raising Global Teens: A Practical Handbook for Parenting in the 21st Century and provides a lively workshop and Q & A session for parents and schools.

Week 2 Events 

Monday, 9 November

Knowing the Score: Unlock Potential and Build Resilience - watch the playback video

Join Paul Williamson, Executive Coach and Facilitator for this series of 90-minute workshops which define resilience and give participants the tools and framework to develop their own personal model of resilience.

Tuesday, 10 November

Future Fit Global Talent Mobility - watch the playback video

In this lively, interactive webinar, we cover the global mobility and talent management perspectives as organisations adjust to the new normal across – UK & Europe, ME, Americas, APAC and Australia/New Zealand. With Lisa Johnson, Global Practice Leader, Crown World Mobility, and Louise Worbey, Global Mobility Leader, KPMG International.

Tuesday, 10 November

A New Job Title for Global Mobility Professionals with Strategic Responsibility with Dr Sue Shortland - watch the playback video

Wednesday, 11 November

Focusing on the family: policy issues in the Covid-19 era, with Dr Sue Shortland and Paul Williamson - watch the playback video

Thursday, 12 November, 11.00am to GMT

Why transition care matters in schools - watch the playback video

This timely webinar on the importance of transition care includes a presentation by Valérie Besanceney based on her book B at Home and accompanying My Moving Book workbook and experience as a teacher and transition consultant. With Jane Barron - Researcher, Educator, Intercultural Transition Specialist and Consultant, Claudine Hakim - Head of Advancement, Transitions and Student Support at International School of London, Ryan Haynes, Director of Academic & Personal Counseling at Taipei American School.  Interviewer: Jayne Constantinis  Host: Fiona Murchie 

Week 3 Events

Mon 16th (10am)

Transition-care in International Schools: Research Findings webinar - watch the playback video

Find out more about the most common practices, challenges and opportunities in international school transitions-care. Watch a presentation by the report authors Jane Barron of Globally Grounded and Ellen Mahoney of Sea Change Mentoring, as they talk through their findings.

Tuesday 17th Nov (4pm)

The Bridge School - A Fully Online Education - watch the playback video

The Bridge School is an international online private school that offers K-12 students a 100% online American education - no matter where they live in the world. Find out from Julie Taylor, Head of The Bridge School and her colleagues Chase Ekelsen of Verano Learning Partners and Nikki Hofman of Strong Mind what makes an online school different. To be followed by Julie Taylor in a live interview with Fiona Murchie, Managing Editor Relocate Magazine and journalist Marianne Curphey.                                                              

Wednesday 18th Nov (10am)                 

The Making of Us: Why Schools matter and the Single Sex or Co-ed debate - watch the playback video

Clarissa Farr is an expert in education and leadership. As High Mistress of St Paul's Girl's School for 11 years, she led one of the country's top academic schools. In her book, The Making of Us: Why School Matters now available in paperback, she provides insights not only about how to bring out the best in girls to flourish in the modern competitive world, but also about building the rootedness and grounded sense of self confidence and community that is instantly recognisable in so many of the best schools across the private, international and state sector.

Thursday 19th Nov (10am)

Educating Global Citizens: The Opportunities and Challenges in Asia

In this webinar Fiona Murchie, Managing Editor of Relocate Global will explore with her panellists from leading schools in Vietnam, Malaysia and Singapore the opportunities presented by an education at an international school in Asia and also the challenges that may be presented when moving to a different country. 

Thursday 19th Nov (2pm)

What to Look for in a School in the Middle East, Africa and Europe - watch the playback video

Jane Constantinis, BBC Worldwide presenter and Fiona Murchie, Managing Editor Relocate Global will discuss with their expert panellists inculding Dr Serio Pawel of ISL Qatar and Catanina Gardescu of American International School of Bucharest, what parents need to know to choose the right school for their child. 

Week 4 Events

When:  Tuesday 24 November at 10.00am GMT

Focus on schools in France and a French education webinar - watch the playback video

Join us to hear a Head of School and an Advancement & Engagement Director, from two leading International Schools in France, discuss what makes Paris such a special place to educate children and to explore the country. Learn how you can give your child the advantage of learning the French language and experience an International Baccalaureate (IB) education from early years and through to the Diploma Programme and on to higher education.

Tuesday 24th Nov (2pm)

Crossroads: ISL Transitions Programme webinar - watch the playback video

Case study from the award winning, International School of London. How the school attracts children from around the world to flourish in a welcoming environment. Understand the importance of supporting native languages and bilingual and multilingual children and their parents. Find out how a school lives and breathes transition-care across all ages and stages of education for students, staff and the parent community. With Claudine Hakim, Head of Advancement, Transitions and Student Support Susan Stewart, Head of Multilingualism, Juliet Bolon and Evangelos Raptis, Family Therapist and parent.

When: Thursday, 26 Nov (12.30pm GMT)

What to look for in a truly international school - with International School Ho Chi Minh City - webinar - watch the playback video

This presentation examines ‘What to Look for in an International School’ and showcases International School Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. It offers valuable advice to relocating parents, employers and the relocation professionals supporting moves to this fast-developing country.s

When: Friday, 27 November 2020, 10am GMT

Exploring Curricula & Higher Education Options webinar - watch the playback video

In this informative webinar our panel of schools and education consultants will cover the range of curriculum options available to children moving around the world and locally, and provide advice on how to choose the right one for your child. We explore which curricula are most suitable for families changing location frequently on an international assignment including the International Baccalaureate, English, French, German, US and other national education systems and how they are viewed by universities.

As schools around the world host Open Days and Virtual Events this autumn, we use the opportunity throughout November to showcase schools to our global audience.

With many expatriate families still displaced or looking to repatriate as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, The Fair provides the perfect opportunity to market your school to international parents, their employers and relocation professionals looking for school places now and for their next international assignment.

We have an exciting virtual programme of webinars, talks, interviews and discussions planned, supported by great editorial content on how your schools have adapted to thrive in the new world we live in.

As well as the Schools and Education hub, there will also be a Relocation and Wellbeing hub with plenty of opportunity to find out about relocation support on offer around the world.

The Future of Work hub will provide a great platform to share views with colleagues and peers across the world of global mobility, and schools educating talent of the future.

Showcase your school or relocation support services online to our global audience and connect with parents and decision makers.


  • School videos 
  • Virtual tour videos 
  • Webinars 
  • Meet the schools Q&A sessions 
  • Education advice on curriculum and choosing a school 
  • Explore the future of education & schools 
  • Relocation support options 
  • Country & regional perspectives 

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To learn more, contact Annabel Letham by email or Call the office on +44(0)1892 891334.

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