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Finding the right school is a top priority for relocating families. This Guide is designed for parents, employers and relocation professionals. It provides information about the top international schools in France, international education advice, information about choosing the best schooling option and applying for a school place.

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Cultivating STEAM Excellence: A Holistic Approach at the International School of Nice

In the bustling landscape of international education, the International School of Nice stands out for its comprehensive embrace of STEAM education—Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics. Here, STEAM isn't just an acronym but a guiding philosophy that permeates every aspect of the curriculum, fostering innovation, critical thinking, and creativity among students.

Welcome to Mougins School, in the Heart of the French Riviera

Welcome to the vibrant and enriching community of Mougins on the French Riviera, where cultural diversity, academic excellence, and a picturesque landscape converge at Mougins British International School. For expat families making the move to the sun-kissed South of France, enrolling in Mougins School isn't just a choice; it's an investment in your child's future and a passport to a global education.
King's Interhigh students

From Barcelona to Brazil: How to support your child’s education anywhere in the world

Those new to expat life will understandably need to consider multiple factors before relocating to another part of the world.

Guide to International Education & Schools

Relocate Global's Guide to International Education & Schools Supplement is packed with information on education around the world with expert tips for those relocating and the professionals supporting them.

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