Cigna takes action for meaningful change on mental wellbeing

Global health company Cigna's employees are seeking to create a positive movement on mental wellbeing during Covid-19. The action comes amid figures showing a third of Britons feel they have no one to turn to.

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This year's World Mental Health Day, marked annually on 10 October, has been called the most important ever amid a global mental health emergency.The coronavirus pandemic has seen pressure on mental health services intensify as more people's mental wellbeing suffers under lockdown, which in turn has highlighted the inconsistent levels of support around the world.Heeding the World Health Organization's call to "move on mental health", Cigna Europe is among those responding to the new pressures of today's workplace and home life under Covid-19. 

A movement of support 

The health services company is rallying employees to pledge some time for others to see how they are coping during current challenging times with the launch of a global "Check-In" initiative. This enables employees to pledge to commit to make time and support at least two others during the pandemic.More than 24,000 Cigna employees from across its international markets will this week use #MyCignaCheckIn to register their action.The aim is to create a meaningful movement throughout Cigna's global workforce, and reinforces Cigna’s commitment to promoting stress care and mental wellness during unprecedented and challenging times.

Making time for others

Explaining the thinking behind the initiative, Arjan Toor, CEO, Cigna Europe, said, “We understand that COVID-19 has deeply impacted people’s health and well-being as we continue to navigate our way through uncertain times."As the pandemic continues to evolve the way we work and impact our daily lives, it is important that we remember to check in with our colleagues and loved ones, to see how they are coping during such challenging times.“Taking some time out of your day to check in on a colleague or an old friend can really make a difference. This week and beyond, we are encouraging our colleagues around the world to pledge a small act of kindness and check in with at least two people, with the hope that we can not only support each other, but also uplift each other across our community.”

A third feel there is no one to turn to in times of need

The #MyCignaCheckIn action follows startling new figures released from Cigna’s Covid-19 Global Impact Study.This shows that almost half (46%) of Brits feel that they lack companionship. Worryingly, 55% feel that no one really knows them well. Almost a third (31%) don’t feel that they have people they can talk to and over a quarter (29%) don’t feel there are people they can turn to. Over half (56%) of Brits think that Covid-19 will not go away and will become a seasonal disease. The global research engaged more than 20,000 people across 11 key markets, including the United Kingdom, between January and August to more deeply understand the impact of the virus on the health and well-being of people around the world.

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