Education and schools guidance for parents' decision making

Education and schools guidance for parents decision making
Soak up a wealth of information on how to choose the best school for your child and what you need to know at different stages throughout their school career.  Discover what to look for in schools that understand how to develop a global mindset and cultural awareness and the importance of settling children and families well in their school and local community.
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Watch the Spring 2021 webinar highlights  

Focus on international education and schools in ThailandTowards International Diplomas & Bilingualism: The Paths We ChooseHow Covid-19 is changing the future of the International School of Brussels
Singapore as an Education DestinationInternational schools embracing change and regional ecosystems: admissions and communication perspectiveInternational education and schools in the Netherlands: A relocation guide

Watch the Fall 2020 webinar highlights  

What to look for in a truly international school playbackExploring Curricula & Higher Education Options   The Bridge School - A Fully Online Education webinar playback 
Raising Global Teens: a webinar with keynote speaker Dr Anisha Abraham The Making of Us: Why Schools Matter and the Single Sex or Co-ed DebateEducating Global Citizens: The Opportunities and Challenges in Asia webinar playback
What to Look for in a School in the Middle East, Africa and EuropeFocus on schools in France and a French educationevent-giesf-harnessing-hope-to-navigate-global-uncertainty
Crossroads: ISL Transitions Programme  

Great International Education & Schools' Fair editorial for parents

What makes a great international school?The number of international schools has increased four-fold in the past 20 years. This means plenty of choice for globally mobile families. But what should you look for?International schools: passport to the journey of a lifetimeCurriculum and university choices set the foundations for lifelong learning. The 'Exploring Curricula and Higher Education Options' webinar welcomed experts to show how schools are preparing young people for the future.International school admissions: top tips for parentsChoosing the right school is the foundation of every successful international family relocation. Catalina Gardescu of the American International School of Bucharest offers her advice on how to navigate school admissions.Crossroads: International School of London (ISL) Transitions ProgrammeWhat is transition care in a school setting? Why is it important? Is it something that happens only in and out of a new school? Does it involve students or also parents and staff? Why is it so important for emotional stability and learning performance? Learn how ISL London is working with Transition to promote the wellbeing and academic standards of its community.UK University Fee Status: Who is eligible?What makes a student eligible for a Home fees in UK higher education?UK University Fee Status: Myths and TipsIf you are a British expat planning to study at a UK university, have you thought about how you will get Home fees?Supporting teenagers and raising global citizens – how to rise to the challengeHow can parents & schools support teenagers during the pandemic - and the disruption to their schooling & social life?The Making of Us: Why schools matter and the single sex or co-ed debate webinarWhat is education for and how can you choose the right school for your child?What makes a full online education and how does it work? A webinar with The Bridge SchoolFor globally mobile families, students studying sport or music at elite level, families living and working in unstable environments or in parts of the world where schooling is problematic, the opportunity to study online can be invaluable.Paris as a growing financial centre – what are the education options?The uncertainty over Brexit has led around 100 financial services companies to relocate from London to Paris, with some setting up new headquarters there and others setting up satellite offices initially. The movers include asset manager, insurance companies and banks.Educating Global Citizens: Opportunities abound in AsiaThe webinar, part of the Great International Education and Schools’ Fair, finds international schools in Asia are leading the way in supporting children and young people to develop into global citizens.Securing a school place in the Middle East, Europe and AfricaCompetition for schools places makes forward planning for families in global transition fundamental. The rewards of doing so will last a lifetime, as panellists in this webinar explored. 

Meet the speakers

Find out more about all of the speakers and panelists who participated in the autumn 2020 Great International Education & Schools Fair.

Find the perfect school from the comfort of your home

Now is the ideal time to discover the right school for your child. As schools hosted Open Days and Virtual Events throughout the autumn, we used the opportunity throughout November to showcase the schools around the world that welcome relocating families and international students, not only at the beginning of a new academic year, but also at any time, with rolling admissions to meet the needs of families on the move.

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