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Finding the right school is a top priority for relocating families. This Guide is designed for parents, employers and relocation professionals. It provides information about the top international schools in Kuala Lumpur and Malaysia, international education advice, information about choosing the best schooling option and applying for a school place.

Education & Schools in Malaysia


Choosing a school in Malaysia

Malaysia’s private education market is growing. The number of private schools is increasing as more local parents choose international schools to the tune of RM19 billion by 2026, with much of the growth coming from local families choosing an international education. Sally Robinson reports.
Online learning at KIH

Introducing online learning at King's InterHigh

Discover why King’s InterHigh online international school is perfect for expatriate children and families frequently on the move in this conversation with Ashley Harrold, CEO of Inspired Online Schools.
Epsom College Malaysia Webinar Spring 23 670 x 370

Future Ready Education for Future Success

Kate Carden-Brown, Director of Admissions and Head of Higher Education, Epsom College in Malaysia in conversation with Fiona Murchie, Managing Editor of Relocate Global


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Nurturing Global Citizens Through Multilingualism

What does it mean to be a global citizen in today’s world?

At The International School of Kuala Lumpur (ISKL), this question is not just pondered but actively explored through the school’s efforts to celebrate multilingualism. Here, languages are more than subjects; they are pathways to understanding, connecting, and thriving in a globalized society.

A Home Away from Home: why boarding at Marlborough College Malaysia offers the pathway to success

All parents want to provide their children with the best chance of academic success but relocating to a new country can pose some significant challenges, especially when it comes to choosing the right school. That’s where an international boarding school like Marlborough College Malaysia can offer the perfect solution, offering a secure environment where students can meet new friends, settle into a routine quickly and excel academically. For relocating families, boarding can offer parents peace of mind as they navigate living and working in a new country. Marlborough College Malaysia knows the importance of giving students the very best boarding experience allowing them to gain confidence, develop independence and thrive academically.

What is OIS Service Learning?

Service-learning, in its most basic sense, is exactly what the term implies -- a union of sorts between community service and classroom learning. Within this basic definition, however, lies a world of possibilities, and as it has increased in popularity over the past two decades so too has an understanding of its effectiveness. Vanderbilt University, a leader in service-learning research, calls service-learning “one of the most significant teaching methodologies” in the modern classroom.

Guide to International Education & Schools

Relocate Global's Guide to International Education & Schools Supplement is packed with information on education around the world with expert tips for those relocating and the professionals supporting them.

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